An Introduction to Rose Hill Farm

A Full Service Equine Facility with the Highest Quality Hands-on Care on the Kentucky Rolling, Lush Grassy Hills

Who We Are

We are a Full Service Equine Facility for Thoroughbred Mares, Foals, Yearlings

“If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.” – Adam Green

At Rose Hill Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, you will find the most spoiled German Shepherds, along with their animal companions, including a small herd of cattle that graze on our farm, and of course our special guests which includes the best cared for Thoroughbred Mares, Foals and Yearlings in Central Kentucky.

At various times of the years, our farm is busy with our equine guests in various stages of their careers.  Our staff is busy year round with:

  • the occasional layup, for horses recovering from illness, injury, surgery, or other procedures requiring time for healing and continued medical treatment.
  • yearlings that are being broke in preparation for trainers (all over the United States),
  • and yearlings being prepped for sales.

Our staff of experts work hard 24/7 ensuring that the four-legged creatures residing at Rose Hill Farm receive the best care for their particular needs and circumstances, and are made to feel like a part of our big family.


Our Story & History

Our love for horses, the land, and racing is the foundation of the farm’s success.

Tony and Lisa Ocampo began their equine careers at Gleneagles Farm in Versailles, Kentucky in 1990.  Tony worked as the farm manager until Tony and Lisa bought the business in 1999.  At that time, a name change occurred and the farm became Rose Hill Farm after the historic district in Versailles, Kentucky. Shortly thereafter, the farm moved to its current location at 2675 Rice Road in Lexington where they have raised three beautiful children who all grew to love horses in their own ways.  Tony’s love for horses, the land, and racing is the foundation of the farm’s success.  The element of hard work, staying up nights, and surrounding yourself with the best people possible also plays a role.

Rose Hill Farm is a boarding operation that can meet any equine need a client might have such as assisting a client with breeding decisions, contracts, vanning, general care of the horse, sales prep, and/or seeking a trainer.  It’s rolling 400 acres sits conveniently behind Keeneland Race Course’s back door and about 3 miles from Bluegrass Airport. Rose Hill Farm also has an additional 250 acres at its annex on Parkers Mill Road in Lexington also.  Many of Rose Hill Farm clients have been with Tony for many years and are now friends.   He also has long-standing relationships with local businesses that help him meet the needs of his clients every day.  Tony keeps up to date on new concepts and ideas in the equine industry and follows the progeny of his client’s horses (after all he was there when they were born).  It is always exciting to see what  horses will do.

Rose Hill Farm always welcomes the opportunity to create new relationships and develop new success stories.  So please feel free to contact Tony Ocampo to become a part of the Rose Hill Farm family.

Full Time Staff and Specialists
Horses Residing on the Farm
Acres of Rolling HIlls
Converted Tobacco Barns with a Heated Foaling Stall

Why Choose Us

We are a Full Service Equine Facility for Thoroughbred Mares, Foals, Yearlings

Quick Facts about Rose Hill Farm

  • 400 Acres on main farm with 7 Barns and 100 Stalls
  • 250 Acres at our farm annex
  • All Barns are Well Ventilated
  • Foaling barns are equipped with video and audio remote monitoring
  • Automatic Fly Spray systems in all barns
  • Yearling Barn is also equipped with a six horse walker
  • Clean and Sanitary Accommodations
  • Hagyard Equine Medical provides regular veterinary & dental care

Round the Clock Supervision

Our People are the Key to our Success


Tony Ocampo, the owner of Rose Hill Farm, has a passion for horse care and farm management to ensure all our equestrian guests have the best care.  Tony is proud to lead of team of 15 employees of experienced day crew and round-the-clock foaling crew, with each member averaging 10-20 years in the horse-care industry.  Tony, who has been in the horse industry for close to 35 years, is known for his hands-on attention and constant supervision for each and every single horse.

Every person and every horse is family and matters to our team. Everyone cares about each other and likes their job and working with horses.  Most of all, the horses know they are liked and receive daily handling from birth.


We also have on-call specialists to provide the best healthcare including:

  • Conor McCarthy, Farrier: The horses receive regular visits form our farrier who provides professional hoof-care. Conor not only shapes and fits horseshoes, but he also clean, trim, and shape horse hooves, to ensure hoof health from birth to sales time.
  • Jackie Snyder, DVM, Hagyard Equine Medical:  Jackie specializes in Field Care, is a vital part of Rose Hill Farm’s medical and reproductive care.
  • W. True Baker, DVM, Hagyard Equine Medical:  True evaluates foals as early as a month old and follows their development throughout weaning, and beyond so they can look their best for any upcoming sale.

*There are also other veterinarians who are used for particular specialties, when needed.  Rest assured that the horses at Rose Hill Farm receive top notch care.

The Accommodations

Our Kentucky Home offers 400 acres of lush, grassy rolling hills


Our 400 acre farm in Lexington KY provides your horses with large, rolling and lush hills with excellent grass and mature shade trees.  Over the years, owner Tony Ocampo has developed the farm to include onsite growing and bailing for our own bedding and high-quality alfalfa. We have also brought in bees to ensure pollination. With pasture management a constant focus, we have ensured we have enough grass with few weeds as possible, with healthy growing fields that are put on field rotation to keep our guests fed and healthy.


Rose Hill is a working farm with traditional tobacco barns converted into equipped, heated and cooled horse barns.  We have seven well ventilated barns, many with remote video/audio monitoring, with 100 stalls. Each barn is organized by purpose and needs of our guests:

  • Barn 3 – Pregnancy & Delivery:  The staff assigned to this barn are well versed in the daily care of our pregnant mares and the delivery of foals, as well as any issues or emergencies that may arise with delivery.
  • Barn 5 – Graduating Foals:  This barn is dedicated for older foals who are graduate to begin weaning and ready to begin a more diverse handling program.  The foals’ feet and hooves are regularly checked so they are trained to lift their legs, which is important at a certain age.  The staff helps them through the process as they become weanlings.
  • Barn 7 – Yearlings:  Once the weanlings become yearlings, they are moved to Barn 7 where they are groomed daily, introduced to the walking machines and being hand walked in the pasture, and ride in a van.  Our yearlings are also taught to swim at KESMARC’s swimming pool. (KESMARC Kentucky is the finest and most complete equine therapy and rehabilitation center in the world.)

Quality Care & Training

The Horse’s Success is our Success

Our focus is delivering a healthy foal, preparing the foal to yearling to two-year-old ready for the owners’ desired outcome, whether that be for sale or to race. From day one to when they leave our farm, our team at Rose Hill Farm want to see your horse happy, healthy and prepared for a successful career. After all, the horse’s success is our success.

Our horses are on a regular feeding schedule with the right quality feed, the accommodations are clean and sanitary, and they receive regular veterinary & dental care from trained professionals and veterinarians.


Once a young horse has weaned, it becomes a weanling. Weaning can take place any time after 3 months of age although many breeders believe it is healthier for mare and foal if it is left as late as possible. While weaning can be a traumatic experience, we give the young horse as much care and attention as they learn how to become a horse and socialization skills within the herd. Once adjusted, weanlings are trained to be handled by groomers each day, getting their legs lifted, and feet checked on a regular basis.

Yearlings also need a schedule change in feeding and turning out, they are taught how to wear a chifney (anti-rearing bit), how to stand and adjust to a smaller paddock – all of which prepares them for sale time, so they are comfortable with the sales grounds, the paddocks, and different handlers.

If the owner chooses to race their hose, we have wonderful riders on staff from John Ennis Racing, who help us gently break the horse to a saddle, bit and teach the early stages of adjusting to a rider on their back.  Rose Hill Farm is even equipped with a starting gate to help prepare your horse for their life at the track and a trainer of the owner’s choosing.

Dedicated to our Son

Wyatt Ocampo

May 16, 1997 – October 16, 2019

What can you say when a life is ended to soon, especially when it is your child. Wyatt has always been a part of Rose Hill Farm. He started out cleaning brass on anything then moved into mowing, then onto doing his share like any other farm worker. He learned a lot from so many people. Stuart Brown, DVM and Jackie Snyder, DVM taught him things he needed to know in the care of horses (especially when they show up). The guys at the farm taught him how to clean a stall, sweep an aisle, walk a horse, drive a van, and use a chainsaw and a thousand other little things. They also showed him where the best tacos could be found in town, how to wrangle an intruder on the farm, and how to repair fencing and the list could go on an on. They also taught him all about carne asada. Mark Lay taught him that there is good value in unloading all that hay he bales for us and that it can feel good at the end of the day to work hard. John Trumbulovic, Vincent Colbert, and Nick Mamatas taught him the finer side of horse racing and how to get the maximum amount of joy of being an owner and breeder.

Then there is Dad. My husband imparted lessons that every father does like shaking a hand and looking someone in the eye when you are speaking to them, and to care about others and listen. The last few years of his life Tony taught Wyatt how to assist in delivering foals, administer medications, and daily care of the horses, and sales prep. He was learning so much and Wyatt was so lucky to be surrounded by such great people. Wyatt had a gentle soul and he liked animals and they seemed to like him too. Though it was not to be, Tony and I would have loved to see the horseman he would have become. He is missed at Rose Hill Farm every day.

Meet Our Team

Our team has a combined experience of 100+ years of Equine Care & Training

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