Walking, Exercising & Swimming

Proving many and varied opportunities for a horse to movement improves their health, socialization, confidence and wellness. The amount and type of necessary exercise will be dependent on the breed of horse, the work required from it, and the conditions in which it is kept.

At Rose Hill Farm we are a full service equine facility with the highest quality hands-on care on the Kentucky rolling, lush grassy hills. We provide custom exercise plans for our  equine guests as well as reconditioning and walking your horse on our 400 acres of soft, gentle rolling hills and pastures.

For the horses foaled on our farm, once the weanlings become yearlings, they are moved to Barn 7 where they are introduced to the walking machines and being hand walked in the pasture.

Automatic Horse Walkers:  We have invested in an automatic horse walking machine on our farm that accommodates up to six horses. The regular exercise that a horse walker offers can have positive effects on the horse’s blood circulation and because of that prevent swollen legs. In addition to being useful for rehabbing horses after an injury, it is also convenient to be able to exercise several horses simultaneously offering them socialization as well.

Hand Walking:  Hand walking improves ground manners, improves the horse’s physical health, builds trust in their human companions, builds the horse’s confidence, and improves control over the horse’s movements. Walking is imperative to the horse’s health because horses rely on that movement to keep their circulation properly flowing (from blood circulation to lymphatic fluid circulation), and their hooves learn to expand as they absorb the downward pressure as it touches the ground with each step. Regular exercise prevents ‘filled legs’ which means the lower legs can fill with fluid due to the horse standing still for too long.

Swimming & Water Therapy:  Our yearlings are also taught to swim at KESMARC’s swimming pool. (KESMARC Kentucky is the finest and most complete equine therapy and rehabilitation center in the world.)  Swimming is hugely beneficial for improving fitness, endurance and stamina, alongside flexibility and stride. The natural resistance of water pushes the horse to work harder, increasing the capacity of the heart and lungs, as well as the toning muscles. Swimming can also aim Rehabilitation.

Breaking & Training Program:  If the owner chooses to race their hose, we have wonderful riders on staff who help us gently break the horse to a saddle, bit and teach the early stages of adjusting to a rider on their back. We begin with short riding sessions of 15 to 30 minutes and build up to 45 minutes to an hour each day, as needed.

Our staff works hard 24/7 ensuring that all the four-legged creatures residing at Rose Hill Farm receive the best care for their particular needs and circumstances, and are made to feel like a part of our big family.


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Services included

  • Hand Walking
  • Exercise in Pasture
  • Six Horse EquiGym Horse Walker
  • Swimming & Water Therapy
  • Riding Program for Exercise and Training
  • Lunging
  • Thera Plate

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