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We are a Full Service Equine Facility for Thoroughbred Mares, Foals, Yearlings
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Rose Hill Farm is ready to deliver your pregnant mare.  Our staff will foal out your pregnant mare and provide 24-hour monitoring and quality veterinarian care for the mare and newborn foal.
We provide equine reproductive management and care including assisting with obtaining a contract to a stallion, providing a mask from Equilume, and maintaining veterinary care during breeding season.   Rose Hill Farm provides equine reproductive management and care with the help of Dr. Jackie Snyder from Hagyards’ Equine Medical Institute.
Rose Hill Farm offers rehabilitation for horses.  Primarily those recovering from lameness or some sort of surgery that requires professional care. We offer various services for different medical treatments that the veterinarian or surgeon feels that treated horse may need or those who just need a few months to heal and relax.
We provide equine walking and exercise for our horses for at least 30-40 minutes per day during sales prep season with a member of our skilled team or our walking machine. Walking horses provides repetitive muscle building, improve balance, develop obedience to voice commands and improves circulation and digestion.
horse breaking and horse training by saddle and bit
We do a basic training with our young horses as they transition to a sales environment or to prepare for a life at the racetrack. Once adjusted from being separated from their mother’s, weanlings are handled by grooms each day, getting their legs lifted, and feet checked on a regular basis, and groomed twice daily. If the owner chooses to race their horse, we have wonderful riders on staff through John Ennis Racing who help us gently break the horse to a saddle and bit and teach the early stages of adjusting to a rider on their back.
horse sales preparation grooming horse care management facility
Sales prep is an ongoing process for young horses including feeding good quality forage or pasture, grooming, exercised and trained – all of which prepares them for sale time. Our attention to detail for getting a horse ready for sale includes good quality forage or pasture, detailed grooming, regular exercise and training and regular veterinary & dental care that will entice any buyer and bring the highest price.

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