Layup & Rehabilitation

We offer multiple services for layup and rehabilitation of your horse on a case-by-case basis. We develop a specific plan of action for each particular horse considering their needs, health concerns and medical condition, after consultation with the veterinarian, the trainer and the owner.

At Rose Hill Farm we offer a full-scale comprehensive approach to our equine layup and rehabilitation facility.  We provide complete rest and recuperation as well as reconditioning and exercising your horse on our 400 acres of soft, gentle rolling hills and pastures.

Layup after an injury or surgery can be time consuming and may require a level of care that does not necessitate boarding at an in-patient Veterinary hospital but is more than you or your boarding facility feels comfortable providing. That’s where Rose Hill Farm comes in.

Our staff is training and well experienced with the occasional layup, for horses recovering from illness, injury, surgery, or other procedures requiring time for healing and continued medical treatment. We also have nearby full-service equine veterinarians from Hagyard Equine Medical to provide various treatments, surgery, hyperbolic therapy, IV and IM (intramuscular injections).


We also have on-call specialists to provide the best healthcare including:

  • Conor McCarthy, Farrier: The horses receive regular visits form our farrier who provides professional hoof-care. Conor not only shapes and fits horseshoes, but he also clean, trim, and shape horse hooves, to ensure hoof health from birth to sales time.
  • Jackie Snyder, DVM, Hagyard Equine Medical:  Jackie specializes in Field Care, is a vital part of Rose Hill Farm’s medical and reproductive care.
  • W. True Baker, DVM, Hagyard Equine Medical:  True evaluates foals as early as a month old and follows their development throughout weaning, and beyond so they can look their best for any upcoming sale.
  • There are also other veterinarians who are used for particular specialties, when needed.  Rest assured that the horses at Rose Hill Farm receive top notch care.

Whether your horse needs extensive therapy and reconditioning, or just a few months on a quiet, serene farm to fully hear and relax in stall or pasture, Rose Hill Farm has 30+ years of experience in reducing stress and discomfort and providing a safe place to heal with frequent monitoring, strict adherence to your veterinarians prescribed care instructions, and controlled exercise, as needed.

Our staff of experts work hard 24/7 ensuring that the four-legged creatures residing at Rose Hill Farm receive the best care for their particular needs and circumstances, and are made to feel like a part of our big family.


Services included

  • Basic Leg Wraps for Tendon / Ligament Injuries
  • Full Stall or Partial Pasture Rest
  • Equine chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy
  • Reconditioning & Light Exercise
  • Hand Walking and Hand Grazing
  • Regular Bathing / Grooming
  • Cold Hosing
  • Thera Plate
  • Veterinarian Care & Consistent Checkups to monitor progress
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Examinations
  • Regular communication and updates provided to the owner
  • Act as Liaison between owner’s vet, our vets, farriers, trainers and owners.

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