Sales Preparation

Sales prep is an ongoing process for young horses including feeding good quality forage or pasture, grooming, and exercise.

Rose Hill Farm has a variety of ways to provide that your weanling/yearling can be the best they can be at any sale.  They are groomed meticulously twice a day and they are either bathed or rinsed off each day.  Yearlings that are able, will swim at KESMARC’s swimming pool. and all yearlings will be hand walked so that they can further develop their long stride and getting used to a handler.

Any yearling that is able, will also use the EquiGym and TheraPlate.  Rose Hill Farm also has small paddocks to separate all those developing young colts who are growing by leaps and bounds. They are weighed regularly and they are given a diet that conforms to horses at this age.  Dr. True Baker from Hagyard Equine Medical Institute manages all confirmation issues.

Sales Preparation:  Sales prep is an ongoing process for young horses including feeding good quality forage or pasture, grooming, and being exercised – all of which prepares them for sale time.  Yearlings preparing for sale will experience a schedule change in feeding and turning out, they are taught how to wear a chifney, how to stand and adjust to a smaller paddock – all of which prepares them for the upcoming sale season.

Sales services:  Our attention to detail for getting a horse ready for a sale includes not only good quality forage or pasture, detailed grooming, regular exercise but also regular veterinary, dental, and specialized hoof care by Dr. Bryan Fraley when needed that will entice any buyer and bring the highest price possible. Our staff provides outstanding sales preparation for weanlings, yearlings and breeding stock.


Services included

  • Training the horse to get used to different riders and handlers, ensure they’re halter-broke and desensitized to the chaos of a sale atmosphere
  • Ensure the horse is comfortable to ride in a van and or trailer
  • Exercise the horse everyday for good muscle tone
  • Grooming the horse so it’s clean and the coat is shiny
  • Feeding young horses for sales preparation has always involved providing a balanced nutritional program, which also produces a healthy look coat
  • Placement of horse profile on social media and our website
  • Correspond with prospective buyers
  • Schedules times for buyers to see your horse
  • Arrange photography sessions and video, as appropriate
  • Horses will be examined by veterinarians, endoscopic examination and radiographs prepared before the sale time
  • Communicates information to both the potential buyers and the owners of a horse

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