Breaking & Training a Horse

“A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character.”  Tesio

At Rose Hill Farm we are a full service thoroughbred facility with the highest quality hands-on care. We provide breaking and training to ensure the horses for future success whether they are racing, breeding, or being prepared for sale.



Our focus is delivering a healthy foal, then getting that foal to a yearling, then to prepare that young horse to the owners’ desired outcome, whether that be for sales or to race. From day one to when they leave our farm, our team at Rose Hill Farm want to see your horse happy, healthy and prepared for a successful career. After all, the horse’s success is our success.

Our horses are on a regular feeding schedule with the right quality feed at each stage of life. The accommodations are clean and sanitary, and they receive regular veterinary & dental care from trained professionals and veterinarians who specialize in varying equine needs.


Once a young horse is weaned from its mother, it becomes a weanling. While weaning can be a traumatic experience, we give the young horse as much care and attention as they learn how to be without a mother. As weanlings, they are handled even more each day.

As yearlings, their schedule changes again in feeding and turning out times. Colts and filly’s are separated, and are taught how to wear a chifney, how to stand and adjust to a smaller paddock – all of which prepares them for sale time, so they are comfortable with the sales grounds, the paddocks, and different handlers.

If the owner chooses to race their horse, we have wonderful riders on staff from John Ennis Racing, who help us gently break the horse to a saddle and bit and teach the early stages of adjusting to a rider on their back.  Rose Hill Farm is even equipped with a starting gate to help prepare your horse for their life at the track and a trainer of the owner’s choosing.

Our staff works hard 24/7 ensuring that the four-legged creatures residing at Rose Hill Farm receive the best care for their particular needs and circumstances, and are made to feel like a part of our big family.


Breaking Services included

What you can expect at Rose Hill Farm during the breaking and training process:
  • Start young horses with ground work
  • Break to a saddle in round pen
  • Rider bellies them up
  • Lunging in round pen
  • Turn in circle
  • Aisleway work
  • Jog in round pen with rider
  • Walk and jog in sets
  • Introduction to starting gate

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