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Questions regarding our thoroughbred breeding and boarding operation.

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A stall when needed, pasture turnouts, quality grain (a sweet feed), hay (alfalfa/orchard grass mix)

A stall, pasture turnouts, quality grain (a sweet feed/beet pulp based), hay (alfalfa/orchard grass mix)

All horses are fed individually in their stalls.  This assures that each individual can eat feed and receive supplements if necessary.  There are large, medium, and small size paddocks available depending on what the individual needs are and it is healthier for horses to spend more time in pastures than in stalls and we try to make that happen.  The horses are also happier.  Of course, they come in daily to be looked at and to eat and when there is inclement weather, they are also brought in.

Yes, all new arrivals require Coggins, Health Certificate, and Vaccination history.  All of these things will be maintained as well, when they are needed or due.

Yes, Dr. Jackie Snyder is 15 minutes away in case of an emergency.  Hagyard Medical Institute is 25-30 minutes away depending on time of day.

Yes, barn 6 is a small barn we use for isolation.  It has an attached small paddock and is surrounded by several fields of different sizes.  We also have two box truck vans we use for emergency transportation.

Yes, we do. It does not cover health or mortality.

Yes, several employees live on the farm and annex.

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