Breeding & Foaling

The staff of experienced staff at Rose Hill Farm will foal out your pregnant mare and provide routine care for the newborn foal.

Since 1999, Rose Hill Farm has been known for the personal hands-on attention of owner, Tony Ocampo and the constant supervision by experienced day crew and foaling crew.

Breeding services: 

Rose Hill Farm provides equine reproductive management and care with the help of Dr. Jackie Snyder from Hagyards’ Equine Medical Institute.  Rose Hill utilizes Equilume masks to help the mares get ready for breeding, an on sight teaser is available, and we assist owners’ with obtaining contracts to stallions and completing paperwork during the breeding process.  Rose Hill Farm also ensures the horses vaccination record stays current and any other vaccines needed or ovulation aides are given if deemed necessary.  We also provide or make arrangements for transport to and from the breeding shed.

Foaling services: 

Rose Hill Farm is ready to deliver your pregnant mare. We have a large foaling stall that can be heated if necessary, a seasoned night watch staff, and Tony Ocampo is present at every birth.  There are two vans available for emergencies.

  • Barn 3 is assigned for Pregnancy & Delivery:  Barn 3 is set up with a camera monitoring system and a foaling stall that can be heated if necessary and an outdoor stall as well.  The staff assigned to this barn are well versed in the daily care of our pregnant mares and the delivery of foals, as well as any issues or emergencies that may arise with delivery.

Services included

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Large indoor and outdoor foaling stalls
  • NI (Neonatal Isoerythrolysis) screening
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Measurement of the antibody level in foal’s blood to detect failure of passive transfer
  • Enema administered to newborn foal to decrease risk of meconium impaction
  • Newborn foal and postpartum mare examinations

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